5 mins setup will transform your sales and operations team!

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Just Rs 799/- per month can turn a fresher into champion sales and operations employee!

Trust by smart companies

3 things you need to become the next big company.

Super SOPs

Build SOPs with call scripts and tasks for lightning speed!


Replicate a top Sales Person. Test your script to identify winning patterns.


Monitor everything in real time. Be it SOP, Call or employee performance

Track Leads Clearly!

What do I expect?

Are You Nikhil?​

Nikhil's limited capital business faces issues as some untrained employees provide incorrect information to customers, resulting in lost potential and current clients. Nikhil is too busy to supervise or check leads, causing the unsupervised and unappreciated employees to leave and take customers.

Our Services

Unique 360 approach

Our product not only helps you build sales and operations processes better than top companies but also builds quick training, then helps your team perform while making it entertaining, and then monitors for further training and improvements.

1. Build Process

Build detailed sales and operations processes with AI, that includes your SOPs, task & call instructions for training and assistance.

2. Quick training

Your team can now take quick SOPs training without any human intervention. They can practice calls and tasks for best results.

3. Perform

Sales and ops is now simplified and made entertaining to ensure maximum output and optimization. You always have AI assistance.

4. Monitor & Improve

Now that your team is performing daily activities with high effectiveness, AI is working on making your team and businesses more efficient.


1. Build Process

With just 4 simple steps using Sales Sunday, you can create an award-winning sales and operations process that empowers your team.

2. Quick training

Training new employees doesn’t require human intervention. Save time with easily accessible, self-paced training.

3. Perform

Sales and daily operations have evolved into a simplified, gamified process, featuring streamlined lead management and predefined instructions for swift execution.

4. Monitor & Improve

Continuously observe all interactions and identify patterns to enhance performance, allowing you to not only manage your individual progress but also track the team’s advancement.



This application can make doing sales and operations highly addictive! Please use it cautiously!

You deserve the best application to run your organization.

Stop losing 50% of the revenue that you are supposed to be making!

Sales and operations teams redefined

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